This is Ampfield

Ampfield is a Swedish proprietary trading firm, with offices right between the Stockholm financial district and the Royal Institute of Technology. As a prop. trading firm, we don't manage external capital and we don't give investment advice.

Ampfield primarily trades liquid currency and commodity futures. Our approach to trading is mathematical, rigorous and based on the scientific method. We use only quantified and validated edges to assume a series of small calculated risks with favorable risk/reward characteristics. The business is highly automated, with computers autonomously executing trades, while continuously monitoring risks. However, contrary to many other automated prop. trading firms, Ampfield's business model is not based on speed or low latency, but rather on superior mathematical modeling. We don't do arbitrage or make markets, and we don't participate in the arms race toward sub-millisecond execution. This has proven to be a successful strategy.

Since our trading began more than ten years ago, markets have changed significantly. The open outcry trading pits that used to dominate US futures exchanges have been almost completely replaced by electronic trading. This development has been a great opportunity for Ampfield, and has allowed us to increase trading intensity and to fully automate trading. Through this high level of automation, Ampfield has been able to remain very lean and yet keep the business scalable to considerable size. However, as the complexity of our operation continues to grow, we are continuously looking for new talent to complement our team.